First day out

Congratulations! Your alive! You have come to terms with the fact your brain is wired to over indulge and make irrational decisions. Good thing your not alone, millions and millions of people find themselves in your shoes everyday. Your discharge papers are all signed, you have completed all the groups your facility has to offer and you have a recovery plan. Still not feeling so sure, are ya? thats why I am here, to be your recovery guru, haha. Go grab a notebook and a pen so we can start.

Lets list everything you need to survive…

  • Housing ( not in a crackhouse or with someone who enables you)
  • Food
  • Necessities ( clothing, bedding, hygiene products, etc)
  • Medical needs ( glasses, medications, MAT, etc.
  • Love ( family, friends, NA groups, people who you can feel safe going to for help)

Now I am going to give you some homework. List off where you will live (with family, an oxford house, or your own apartment/house) Do you have food in your house? Surprisingly many people don’t think about what will you do to eat so you may need to add visiting a local food-bank or obtaining a EBT card. Coming out of detox I had one outfit, a phone and a notebook! So I know how hard it can be when your completely starting over. So list anything you may need when you get home or get your first paycheck. I went straight from detox to a women’s Oxford house and many of the girls helped me with clothes and shampoo, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! During your addiction you most likely did not remember your yearly physical or routine dental visits, so set up appointments with your medical, vision and dental providers. If you do not have insurance you can go to your local service building and apply for medicaid. And last but not least love… your probably thinking food and shelter are way more important! but seriously you need a safe group of people you can talk too. sounds cliche but go to a NA meeting, call your mom, make some new friends.

Now list your next priorities…

  • Income (where will you get your money?)
  • services your state offers ( EBT, TANF, Medicaid, safe link, etc)
  • Legal issues ( warrants, drivers license, family court)
  • Debts ( raising your credit score, paying off bills, loans)

Once you write out your goals and plans you can have a clearer look at what you need to achieve in order to keep your life balanced. For me I had to completely start my life over from scratch. Dont worry though if you can remain sober then you can conquer the world.


  1. Hi Kelsey,
    I just wanted to say hi to a sister in recovery. I have read your posts and really can relate. There are lots of people that when they get out of rehab have nothing and no one. I was fortunate to have a home and family when I came out. That was oct 2010 and what a ride it has been since. 3 relapses later I have a year clean again. One thing you said. Do not be afraid to ask for help!!! My biggest downfall for several years there. Stay true to your story and I look forward to following you


    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! I am so proud of you for making the decision to stick by your guns and stay clean a whole year! I know how tough the first year is but you got this! I feel like starting over with nothing made me a better person. I needed to be humbled and now I am so grateful for everything. I hope you have a wonderful day and a great upcoming holiday season! XOXOX- Kelsey


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