Everyday I’m Hu$tling!

It is a fact of life that we need to work. I personally have tried every way to get out of this one and unfortunately that caught up to me resulting in massive fines and a record longer then your grocery list on the first of the month :O Thankfully I am past that and I believe that working keeps me out of trouble. I was living in a Oxford house in Rehoboth Beach ( a tourist town) so it was easy to find work for me (even with that record). I started working in a candy store on the beach. Let me tell you all that weight I had lost on the Stem diet I gained back with Chocolate truffles and gummy bears. At times I was working 70 hours a week and I loved it. I know right? who the fuck loves work? I do! I replaced my drug addiction with a work addiction. I’m not saying go work yourself to death but develop a healthy work ethic now so you can work on starting a career and pay off old debts and fines.

Feel like your felony is holding you back? Don’t let it! tips for gaining employment when you got a record…

  • Contact your local court house and ask about the expungment process.
  • Be honest with your employer! honestly is the best policy!!
  • offer to let your new boss “test you out” that means offer to do a working interview so you can show off that awesome work ethic
  • Find employers that hire felons ( google it ;D)

The most important thing to remember is when you are hired stick it out and show off your work ethic. work your ass off, come in early, keep your availability open and stay clean. DO those thingsand you will most likely move up in your company pretty quick!


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