Home, Sweet Home!

When we were in our addiction many of us did not put much forethought into housing but now it is a crucial part of our recovery. I know personally I lived in some sketchy motels and had several crappy apartments but when I came out of detox I was faced with the reality that I needed a safe place to go where no one was smoking crack and prostituting. So I reached out to my counselor ( may be called a social worker in your city) and we looked into Oxford houses in a town 2 hours away from my past “home”. I was accepted after a quick phone interview and was discharged to an oxford house aka 3/4 house. I wasn’t thrilled about living with 5 other women all in recovery but I was 2 hours away from my mom and had no where to go so I made it work. I walked Rehoboth ave the day after my discharge and found a job in a small candy store and began my life from there. I eventually made amends with my parents and moved back with them, started a new career and here I am writing this blog for ya 🙂

Is an Oxford house (3/4 house) right for you?

  • Can you live with multiple people usually of the same sex?
  • Are you close to old habits?
  • Will you be able to find work fast in the city your looking to move too?
  • Are you truly ready?

If you answered yes to these questions then I would say give it a chance, can’t hurt right? Sometimes a fresh start can be the ticket to a strong recovery! If you need any help finding a Oxford house in your city feel free to soot me an email.

Visit Oxfordhouse.org for more info

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