Good Credit (I don’t mean Street credit)

After I moved in to my Oxford house when I got clean I realized I could not live there forever. I wanted to be able to have my kids come home with me and to have my own space. But that dream seemed so far out of reach with my ugly 500 credit score. Years of unpaid cable bills, bad checks, and applying for every credit card possible tanked my FICO score.

So I sat down with my handy dandy note book and wrote down my goals of where I wanted to be financially over the next year. Then I went on credit karma and jotted down everyone I owed money too. I listed the debts from smallest amount owed to largest debt owed. Every week I made it my goal to pay down something. Slowly but surely my credit began to improve.

I then started to think “Hmm, someday Id like to have a car and a house.”. So I reached out to my local $tand by me program. They sat me down and looked over my income to debt ratio and wrote me a plan. began saving and eventually bought myself a car ( my beautiful red Chevy spark!) and now I am currently looking for a house.

Once you get o the point you are ready to buy a house, take your time. Get expert options and seek help from local programs like habitat for humanity and $tand by me. Buying a house should be a well thought out purchase backed by research before you make the big leap.

We addicts have the tendency to expect over night results but remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. You did not ruin your credit overnight so slow yourself down and create a realistic plan.

For more information on $tand by me go to

For more information on Habitat for humanity visit

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