To MAT or not to MAT?

This can be a tough decision for a lot of addicts. Coming up with a recovery plan is super important in remaining clean out of an inpatient program. For me I spent years in and out of detoxes, rehabs, and psychiatric hospitals (yes crazy hospitals!) and every time I would go out and get high. So I decided it was time to shake things up a bit!

The day I found MAT I found my way to a more stable life. MAT is Medication assisted treatment. Different types of MAT include Methadone, Suboxon, and Subutex. I chose Methadone because my Doctor said “Kels your pissin’ a rainbow! Heroin and fentanyl have been detected in your system and since your in IV user Methadone will make your detox easier.” So I went with it. I started at 20mg, then 30mg, then 40mg. Some people get all the way up to 100mg or more but I didn’t want the detox from Methadone to be to hard on my body. I stayed on methadone for the first year of my recovery and then Tapered down slowly 3mg every 3 days.

I personally believe MAT is a wonderful thing. MAT allowed me to adjust to the world of living without street drugs and gave me access to Doctors, Counselors, social workers and therapist. A team of well qualified people on my side. The clinic also allowed me to meet others in recovery and hear their stories and feel safe expressing myself to those who understand me best, other addicts! I also had to go everyday at 6:00am. This helped me with getting my body clock on a schedule and teaching myself to form a daily habit of get up, get ready, go to the clinic, go to group, go to work, and so on.

MAT saved me from the pattern of Institutions, prisons, and possible death. MAT is not for everyone, only you and your doctor can make that decision. I am just sharing my personal story in hopes of helping someone who is unsure.

If you have any questions about MAT reach out to me personally or make an appointment at your local clinic. If you call your medicaid they can guide you to a clinic in your town.

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