Im sober… Now what?

One of the biggest reason people in early recovery relapse is that they are bored. Yes you read that right. Boredom leads to loneliness and loneliness tends to lead to depression and that can be a messy situation.

In my personal previous attempts at sobriety I would find myself bored and get lonely and call one of my old buddies. Those old friends were not in recovery and what was the first thing they wanted to do? GET HIGH! And I simply cannot be around someone who is using. The temptation when I was in early recovery was to strong. So in my last go at recovery I vowed to “disappear”. By disappear I mean completely cut off all contact with old “friends”, avoid all “hangout” spots like the shitty motel I once lived in, or the corner I scored my drugs on. I moved 3 hours away from Kensington, PA ( The Disneyland of Drugs). I did not have a car in my early recovery because I did not want easy access to a relapse.

So what did I do? This is going to sound major cheesy but I went to Micheal’s (local craft store) and bought 7.00$ craft sets. I made soap, sewed letter shaped pillows, and learned how to use a soldering gun. I learned how create things out of nothing. I had real authentic fun on my own without nodding out my chair! what that is possible!? heck yes!

But Crafts get lonely… So I joined my local fire department. I made some awesome friends who I trust with my life. I cant say that with my old “getting high buddies” who tossed me out of a moving car when I overdosed. I learned so many things at the department and it gave me a safe way to stay “scared straight” when I am narcaning young kids, people my age, elderly folks all overdoses that I was trying to save. I get the shivers every time I revive someone knowing that was me once. Keeping the fear close keeps me grounded.

The main thing I do to fill that boredom is make money! WORK, WORK, WORK, WORK. My life is like a Rhiannon song on repeat most days. I love working two jobs and having an online hobby or two bringing in the cash. I am able to pay my bills on time and that makes me feel empowered because I was never able to do that before.

There are so many fun things to do sober and clubs to join. I suggest trying a craft, checking out your local libray, or doing some soul searching to see what you are passionate about.

Here are some links to some cool craft kits 🙂

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